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Dirt and grime allowed to build up on a building over time can not only be unsightly, it can also be damaging to the stone and brickwork itself. There are many ways of cleaning stone & brickwork, not only to improve the appearance of a building, but also to maintain its façade and avoid further damage.

Using the wrong techniques or materials can further damage surfaces, so it is important to use the appropriate, safe, effective and environmentally friendly method of cleaning.

We have an experienced cleaning team, who are trained in a range of techniques to ensure we offer a suitable and cost effective service. We use both wet and dry abrasive and non-abrasive systems, plus chemical processes to achieve the desired result. Utilising the equipment we have, we are also able to clean steelwork and timber using the controlled pressure abrasive method.

All jobs are surveyed by a member of our experienced team, who will provide you with a competitive, no obligation quote. Should you agree for works to be carried out, we can be flexible with our working hours to suit individual requirements.

Some of the cleaning methods we use are:

JOS / TORC SYSTEM: Burleigh Stone are an approved contractor for this specialist Low Pressure Rotational Vortex cleaning system. Our operatives have received the specialist training insisted upon by the system supplier to ensure that all equipment is used correctly and works are carried out in accordance with set guidelines

POULTICE CLEANING: In certain circumstances (particularly internal work) this can sometimes be the only method of cleaning. We are able to offer this technique, which is often used to clean badly stained marble and granite. Various materials are used in the cleaning process, depending on the surfaces to be cleaned and the extent of the staining.
CONTROLLED PRESSURE ABRASIVE: Both dry and wet abrasive techniques are offered, using equipment and experienced personnel able to carefully control the amount of abrasive and pressure required to avoid damage to the underlying surface.

SPECIALIST CHEMICAL: We use only materials from the industry’s leading manufacturers utilising both hot and cold water systems.

NEBULUS WATER SPRAY: Involves a fine mist water spray applied under regulated pressure to the masonry surface, particularly suited to clean limestone and some sandstones.

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