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Paint / Graffiti Removal

Paint and other specialist coating can be removed from most surfaces to restore it back to its original condition, or to prepare it for re-coating.

All our paint and graffiti removal works are carried out by skilled operatives to stone, brick, terracotta, granite or marble. Each project is inspected by a member of our experienced team to determine the most suitable and cost effective method to achieve the desired result.

Various techniques are used depending on the type of paint and the surface to which it has been applied, these can include specialist paint removal products, high pressure cleaning or abrasive methods. Using the wrong techniques can further damage surfaces, so it is important to use the appropriate, safe, effective and environmentally friendly method of cleaning.

Anti-graffiti coatings can also be applied to certain surfaces to ease future removal in areas of reoccurring vandalism.

Where appropriate, works are carried out in accordance with guidelines set down by English Heritage, CADW and Local Authority Conservation Departments.

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