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Where any type of masonry has been damaged, worn or become unsafe over time, repair or restoration is often required. The type of repair or restoration to be carried out depends entirely on the nature of the damage, the age, condition and status of the building, as well as affordability and the overall finish envisioned.

We are able to replicate and replace damaged stonework, brickwork, granite and marble, closely matching the colour, texture and details of the original material. All work is carried out by experienced masons and fixed in accordance with industry good practice. Any new items can be obtained or made to clients specific details and specification.

As an alternative to replacement, we can also carry out ‘sympathetic’ repairs. We are skilled at matching many types of material using specialist repair materials and methods to closely match colour, texture and details of the surrounding surface. Our brick repair service incorporates natural and cementicious colour matching material. Colouring can be toned to suit the individual bricks

Loose and dangerous items can be taken down, repaired and re-fixed using selected epoxy resins and/or more specific fixings to suit each individual location.

All jobs are surveyed by a member of our experienced team, who will provide you with a competitive, no obligation quote. Should you agree for works to be carried out, we can be flexible with our working hours to suit individual requirements.

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