and Alteration

Whether unsafe, unattractive or unfit for purpose, our team of time-served craftsmen and builders are on hand to repair and restore your historic masonry.

Breathing new life into your historic structures

The type of repair or restoration to be carried out depends entirely upon the nature of the damage, the age, condition and status of the building, as well as factors such as affordability and the overall finish envisioned.

  • Replicate and Replace – We’re able to replicate and replace damaged stonework, brickwork, granite and marble, closely matching the colour, texture and details of the original material. All work is carried out by experienced masons and repaired in accordance with industry good practice. Any new items can be obtained or made to clients’ specific details and specification.
  • Sympathetic Repairs – We’re skilled at matching many types of material using specialist repair materials and methods to closely match colour, texture and details of the surrounding surface. Our brick repair service incorporates natural and cementitious colour matching material with colouring able to be toned to suit the individual bricks.
  • Safety Critical Repairs – Loose and dangerous items can be taken down, repaired and re-fixed using selected epoxy resins and/or more specific fixings to suit each individual location.

Prior to any works taking place, each structure is thoroughly assessed by one of our directors; a time-served professional who’ll provide you with a competitive, no-obligation quote. Should you decide to instruct these works, we’ll work closely with both you and your stakeholders, adjusting our working hours and practices to suit the unique requirements of your project.


Vital to a structure’s strength, pointing is defined as the mortar ‘joint’ between bricks or stone blocks within a wall. Over time, however, mortar can erode or crumble, leaving a wall dangerously weak and unsightly, in many cases leading to internal damp issues.

From small, localised repairs to entire walls or buildings, we’ve helped conserve some of the region’s most prominent historic buildings, employing a range of materials and techniques depending upon the existing pointing and the type, age and location of the property.


Increasingly, many restoration projects are demanding a certain degree of alteration, be that to restore a building to its original state or to extend or adjust it to suit a particular client’s requirements.

Working with the building rather than against it – and collaborating with all relevant bodies – we work alongside structural engineers, using both new and reclaimed materials to match the existing, whilst blending in any adjustments with the surrounding area to minimise their visual impact.


Have a project you’d like to discuss? Looking to discover more about repair, restoration or alteration? We’d love to hear from you. To speak to a member of our team, simply get in touch.

Why Burleigh Stone?

40 years' experience

We've been preserving, restoring and repairing historically significant structures throughout the North West for more than four decades.

Time-served craftsmen

Seasoned conservation specialists, every one of our team has spent years honing their craft, restoring the architectural history of the nation.

Tried and tested

Trusted to deliver on our promises, we've become the partner of choice for some of the UK's most prominent listed and historic building owners.

A family business

Family owned and managed, over the years we’ve developed a reputation, both for the quality of our work and our exceptional customer service.

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